Information for Intermediaries and Advisors

“They aren’t like other firms just trying to take the money and run. They aren’t full of themselves — they’re very receptive to ideas.”

Scott Garfield

Managing Director
Hancock Capital Management

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Our track record proves we've done deals.

We have been an active participant in lower middle market private equity since 1995. We have the know-how and relationships to get deals done even under challenging circumstances. And we often see value that others miss.

We are creative, resourceful and tenacious.

We value our intermediary partners.

Many of us are former investment bankers and we appreciate the value of the intermediary. Our goal is to be a good partner in the process, win or lose. You will find us respectful and responsive — we listen.

Working with us you’ll find that we are:

  • Opportunistic, open-minded and innovative
  • Tireless and resolute, but down-to-earth and respectful
  • Able to understand opportunities and the untapped potential others may miss
  • Consistently on time and transparent
  • True to our word — without attitude or egos
  • Dedicated to building relationships along with building businesses

We typically look at:

  • Healthy, successful businesses in industrial, financial services and technology-enabled services sectors
  • $3 to $20 million EBITDA
  • Control equity investments in LBOs and recapitalizations (and minority investments on a selective basis)
  • Businesses with a history of stable cash flow
  • Niche market leaders