Operating Partners

Prized Operating Partners

Milestone's access to a large and diverse network of operating partners is crucial to Milestone’s ability to source and evaluate transactions as well as its ability to add value after an acquisition.
Milestone has years of experience working with a wide variety of service providers, consultants and operating partners. We have learned “what good looks like” and we have honed our ability to deploy targeted operating partners to specific investments and specific portfolio company needs. We have developed a structured cultivation, recruiting and vetting process that is a natural part of the operating rhythm of the firm. As part of that process, Milestone has cultivated a network of “prized operating partners” who have engaged with us in multiple situations including interim management, consultative assignments and board roles.
These professionals come from a variety of backgrounds and have strong abilities to work collaboratively and effectively with managers in our portfolio companies.  These prized operating partners are in addition to the targeted independent board members that we recruit and deploy on every Milestone portfolio company.