Value Creation

"Milestone offers up operating partners with deep and appropriate expertise which resonates with management needs and bridges communication needs to private equity goals and conditions of existence. The intent is a custom tailored approach to each portfolio company with a broad base of operational talent who are all on the same page."

Paul Blondin

Operating Partner

Growth is an essential element of every one of Milestone’s investments. But we are not operators: We rely on the management teams at our portfolio companies to drive that growth. We collaborate with management to chart the path.

We understand growth creates complexity and demands resources, new ways of doing business and new areas of expertise. We work hard with our teams to identify what they need and help them get it. Analysis and planning. Personnel. Board members. Consultants. Add-on opportunities. Capital.

Decades of experience have taught Milestone’s professionals that there is no one solution, no one operating partner, no checklist that applies equally well in all cases. So, while Milestone has a sophisticated program that it uses, that program is designed to be applied in a way that is customized for every company. This will assist in creating a result that precisely targets resources to help management realize its vision.

Our process for adding value:

Develop a comprehensive strategic plan

Milestone works with its management team to come up with appropriate short-term and long-term plans to grow the business

Assemble a strong, value-added board of directors

Milestone assembles a team of precisely targeted experts who serve as a sounding board for management and to assist in key strategic initiatives

Access to expert third-party resources throughout the duration of our partnership

Milestone collaborates with management to select resources who have market and/or operating expertise that can help shorten the time and cost to achieving our strategic plan

Milestone finance and M&A support

Milestone’s dedicated deal teams are always available to our portfolio companies to upgrade reporting, streamline budgeting, and identify and complete accretive acquisitions

Access to deal flow and capital for growth and add-on acquisitions

Milestone uses its reserved pool of capital and its sophisticated business development team to support organic growth and identify acquisitions for each of our portfolio companies

Intra-portfolio company networking and best practices

Milestone makes sure our management teams are available to each other to discuss best practices and lessons learned across our entire portfolio

Common valued-added initiatives:

  • Revenue enhancement: sales analysis, marketing/branding, website/Internet optimizations, public relations, new product development, etc.
  • Operational improvements: procurement, IT infrastructure optimization, manufacturing efficiencies, business process improvement
  • Strategic planning: target customer profile, value propositions, operational alignment, resources analysis/budgeting
  • Industry analysis: size/scope, trends, customer/supplier/competitor analysis, barriers to entry
  • Human resources: background checks, hiring practices, personnel evaluation and development, organization, structure, compensation
  • Risk and compliance: insurance, benefits, legal, audit, tax, reporting systems and controls, environmental
  • Advisory: board level support, precisely target industry experts, intra-portfolio company networking