Avure Technologies

Global manufacturer of isostatic presses and other high pressure processing systems used in a wide variety of markets.

We believed that Avure had best-in-class technologies and engineering, well positioned for major market trends in multiple industries. The challenge was unlocking that potential. The Avure and Quintus teams have done that.

John Shoemaker, Former Director
Avure Technologies
  • Based in Kent, WA / Västerås, Sweden
  • Acquired April 2009
  • Sold April 2017

What We Saw

A leader in its industry with a strong IP portfolio, global reach, and a commitment to engineering and R&D that was far greater than many lower middle-market businesses.

How We Helped

Milestone Partners edge: Milestone recognized the value of the company’s intellectual property and engineering capabilities and provided the operating resources, flexibility and capital to allow the company to experience meaningful growth following the Financial Crisis.

Corporate reorganization:  Avure was divided into two fully independent global platforms – one focused on high pressure pasteurization (“HPP”) systems for packaged food under the “Avure” brand, and the other focused on metal densification systems and sheet metal forming systems for aerospace applications and other industrial markets under the “Quintus” brand. In the process, we built a second management team, sales force, engineering department and manufacturing and service operations for the food HPP division. This corporate reorganization, which required substantial investment, enabled both divisions to focus on innovation and growth in their respective markets.

Enterprise value at exit: The purchase prices for Avure and Quintus were $57 million and $115 million, respectively, in both cases before customary adjustments.