Technology-enabled online lending platform serving real estate agents and brokers to help them better manage their business cash flow

Milestone’s relevant industry experience, combined with their flexible and collaborative approach to adding value, created a healthy and fruitful environment. They enabled us to invest in people, technology and marketing to set the stage for future growth

Sean Whaling, Founder and CEO
  • Based in Austin, TX
  • Acquired December 2013
  • Sold August 2017

What We Saw

Differentiated financial services business with a visionary management team leveraging a proprietary technology platform

How We Helped

Milestone Partners edge: Milestone’s industry knowledge, financing partners and operating relationships, combined with our flexible and collaborative approach to value creation, enabled the company to accelerate growth and improve operating efficiency.

Significant investments in growth: eCommission enhanced its sales and marketing ROI through data-driven digital marketing and advertising campaigns.  The company developed a proprietary automated underwriting platform, integrated with key marketing partners and data providers, and launched new customer-facing desktop and mobile applications.

Favorable outcome for all stakeholders: During Milestone’s 3.5-year investment period, eCommission’s annual transaction activity and EBITDA nearly doubled, resulting in a favorable outcome for Milestone, our LPs and management.