Our Approach

“These are real, accessible, trustworthy, common-sense people who will let you run your business.”

Jerry Corcoran

United Road Towing

We look at opportunities through a different set of lenses.

Milestone is committed to the lower middle market, which is vast, diverse and full of opportunity. We believe success in the lower middle market requires discipline and flexibility, relationships and hard work.

While we apply time-tested methods and discipline, there are no one-size-fits-all formulas for investing in and adding value to lower middle market businesses. We are open-minded and often see value that others miss. And we customize our post-closing efforts for each and every situation.

  • We target investments in proven, successful, private companies with superior management teams
  • We listen to our advisors and we work for our management teams
  • We build value with highly customized solutions and precisely targeted resources
  • We invest in people and relationships
  • The lines of communication are always open