Tech-Enabled Solutions

Technology-enabled Solutions businesses utilize technology to deliver outcomes better, faster, or cheaper than traditional alternatives. They tend to have long-term and persistent, if not contractual, relationships with their customers. Milestone targets technology-enabled solutions companies that are typically characterized by technology or data assets that are focused on specific applications within large addressable markets. We seek businesses with demonstrated market demand and sound technology platforms. These conditions may result in strong margins and the ability to demonstrate a meaningful return on investment to their customers.

Business Model Attributes

  • Proprietary platforms with specific market focus in large addressable markets
  • Recurring revenues with strong affinity/ROI
  • Market-tested, repeatable, scalable business models
  • Strong unit economics with sustainable high margins

Sample Industry Segments

  • Cloud-based enterprise software and solutions
  • Tech-driven industry/domain ecosystem platforms
  • Business intelligence and data platforms
  • Internet retail focused on affinity and/or considered purchases
  • Technology-enabled business process outsourcing (BPO) services

Select Platforms

Tech-Enabled Solutions Team