Technology businesses help their customers improve revenues or reduce costs by facilitating enhanced data management or streamlining business processes. Milestone targets technology companies that are typically characterized as having differentiated and valuable intellectual property, well-established customer bases, recurring and highly visible revenue streams, and strong gross margins which can lead to significant operating leverage with scale. Their products can become deeply integrated with their customers’ business processes and result in a high degree of customer retention. Further, many Technology companies in the lower middle market segment have been founded by strong technical visionaries who often need outside assistance in optimizing the sales and marketing functions to scale their companies and generate both revenue growth and strong operating leverage.

Business Model Attributes

  • Annual addressable market over $1 billion
  • Scalable and differentiated technology platform
  • Primary focus on B2B and eCommerce

Sample Industry Segments

  • Information Services
  • Marketing Services
  • Business Services
  • Software
  • eCommerce

Select Platforms

Technology Team